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Choosing an Office Chair That is Right for You

office chair

The world of office chairs can seem endless when you are in the market for one. There are so many different types to choose from that you begin to re-think the actual need for one, the decision can be so overwhelming. Do you choose a swivel office chair or a nice leather office chair? That big comfy executive chair looked just about right.

Do you need an office chair with a low back, mid-back, or high back? Is it necessary that your chair has wheels or is stationary more your style? Would you like the one that had arms or do those just get in your way so no arms would be better? Whatever your needs, the decision to buy the right office chair is probably larger than you think.

So how do you choose the right chair for you?

The First Step in Choosing the Right Office Chair for You

The first question you need to ask yourself is, what will you be using the office chair for? The meaning will be used for the workplace or at home. The second thing you should consider the person’s position the chair is for, as you may not be purchasing this for yourself if you are an assistant or designer.

Ok so now you have those two very important questions answered and just like a “choose your own adventure” book, you should be taken to one of the three following scenarios:

The Office Chair is for the Workplace and an Executive

So the person you are buying the office chair for is an Executive and they work in an office setting. The first thing you need to look for is a chair that says “Look at me, I am in charge!”. The executive office chair is just the right chair for you. These chairs are typically larger than your average office chair, and most likely are made from leather or a leather type material.

Leather office chairs are often high-end and expensive, but anything for the boss right? These chairs will always have a high back and are very cushy. The reason these office chairs are so posh is that it is important to be comfortable and make a statement when you are making decisions all day, isn’t it?

The Office Chair is for the Secretary or Receptionist Type

Ok so the office chair you need is for your “Average Joe” who does not need to make a statement but comfort and ease of use are of the utmost importance. You also need multiple types of these chairs, so economics comes into play and you need a functional and affordable office chair. Usually, these chairs are going to be your average swivel office chairs that have multiple options. You can get them with wheels or without, with arms or without, in a low, mid, or high back.

These work chairs are ideal for those who move around a lot and are constantly turning or getting up and down from their desk. They typically have adjustable heights to accommodate all sizes. The padding in these office chairs varies greatly, with the more comfortable usually being the more expensive.

Correct lumbar support or ergonomic office chairs are also an important consideration. For those that sit in the chair for most of the day and type, an ergonomic office chair is key. These tend to be on the pricey side so consult your budget beforehand, but in the long run, they will probably save you money.

The Office Chair is for your Home Office

If you chose this option then good for you! This is also the most fun because you get to consider just yourself and your needs and work with your own budget. This is where you can really spoil yourself and choose the office chair that is just right for you. Consider how much back support you need and how comfy you want to be in this chair. Get yourself a great executive chair just because, if you can afford it that is! Choose a chair that matches your decor. Office chairs come in many different colors and materials so go wild!

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