Selecting Proper Lawn Chairs

Lawn Chairs – Plastic or Metal?

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Lawn chairs are a brilliant choice for both outdoor and indoor seating. They can be used on numerous occasions including weddings, receptions, meetings, and a number of other group occasions where temporary seating is needed. The best thing about lawn chairs is that they are comfortable and reliable, adding quality seating to your lawn.

Plastic Lawn Chairs

You will not face any problems in the maintenance and handling of plastic lawn chairs, as they are lightweight and can be stacked when they are not in use. Plastic lawn chairs come in plenty of sizes, shapes, and designs. You can get these chairs in brown, ivory, white, black charcoal, and many other colors and tinges. Thanks to increasing competition in the market, the prices of plastic lawn chairs are not too high and can be easily afforded.

Plastic lawn chairs consist of leg braces, non-marring leg glides, an under-seat slide mechanism, and a contoured seat. Some chairs also contain stability plugs, double hinges, lock-open devices, interlock, chair nests, and double-riveted braces. The main function of non-marring leg glides is to protect the floor surface from being scratched. Leg braces play a prominent part in strengthening the legs. Plastic lawn chairs with padded seats provide you with comfortable seating for a long period of time.

Nowadays, you can also go for steel frame color-coated and chrome-coated plastic lawn chairs. Polypropylene plastic which is being used in the manufacturing of these chairs is a versatile material that allows objects to be created in numerous designs. Polypropylene plastic is durable and lasts for a long time enduring climatic wear and tear. Plastic lawn chairs made of polypropylene come with a weather-resistant and powder-coated finish too. The life of plastic lawn chairs depends mainly on the methods employed at the time of construction and the quality of the material used.

Metal Lawn Chairs

As compared to plastic lawn chairs, metal lawn chairs are more durable metal is a naturally stronger material. Similar to plastic lawn chairs, metal lawn chairs are also available in a large number of designs and colors. Metal lawn chairs consist of a contoured seat pan, U-shaped leg braces, embossed hinges, front cross-brace, and plastic glides. The main function of plastic glides is to prevent scratching on the floor. On the other hand, the U-shaped leg braces provide additional support while embossed hinges provide extra strength.

A wide variety of metal lawn chair models are available in the market including the basic, standard, triple brace, and premium metal chairs. Premium models of metal lawn chairs have double hinges, back-leg stability plugs, and a waterfall front seat. Talking about metal lawn chairs with triple base, it contains non-marring glide, double hinges, 18-gauge tubing, double contoured back, cross braces, and back leg stability plugs.

Choosing between plastic and metal lawn chairs can be a difficult decision as both are available in a variety of designs and colors and make outdoor seating convenient and fun. When looking for lawn chairs, keep in mind the size of your lawn as well as your budget. While plastic chairs are smaller and can be accommodated in a smaller lawn and cost less, metal chairs look good on a bigger lawn and they might cost more depending upon the quality of the metal.

When buying metal folding chairs, it’s your responsibility to take into consideration all the measurements, hinging styles, and tubing of the chair. The point to be noted here is that metal lawn chairs with a straightforward design are often more stable as compared to plastic and designed ones. As lawn chair designs change rapidly, it is always a better option to buy a design that remains popular for a long time.

Cheap Lawn Chairs

Selecting good quality lawn chairs is not an easy task and this situation gets even tougher when you are a bit short on budget. Cheap lawn chairs are the only choice if you do not have enough resources to buy expensive and designer lawn chairs. But the million-dollar question is where to select and buy cheap lawn chairs.

Tips on Selecting Cheap Lawn Chairs

Below are a few tips on how to look for and select quality yet cheap lawn chairs for comfortable and convenient lawn seating.

Finding Cheap Furniture Stores

To start with, you need to find furniture stores that sell cheap lawn chairs. Apart from local furniture stores, also take a look at online furniture stores. It has been noticed that online furniture stores normally offer good quality cheap lawn chairs at big discounts with nominal shipping rates. Local furniture stores also offer sales on previous season stocks and sell lawn chairs at discounted chairs.

Checking the Quality of Cheap Lawn Chairs

Once you manage to find furniture stores that deal with cheap lawn chairs, contact them and check out the quality of chairs they are offering. Rather than just contacting one or two furniture stores, contact at least five or six furniture stores. With this, you not only increase your chances of getting quality and cheap lawn chairs but also you will get to know prevalent lawn chair rates in the market.

There are some furniture stores that run regular discount schemes. Keep a keen eye on newspapers and magazines, as they usually advertise their schemes. Ask for a warranty from the furniture stores when buying cheap lawn chairs. No doubt, you are buying cheap lawn chairs but it doesn’t mean that you buy low-quality products. If the furniture store does not offer a warranty, it means that the quality of their lawn chairs is not up to the mark.

Durability V/S Cost

There is no point in going for cheap lawn chairs that will not last for a significant amount of time. It’s just a waste of your hard-earned money. By adding a bit more money to y our budget, you can buy quality and durable lawn chairs so they are at least last for a considerable time. It’s no use buying cheap and sub-standard chairs that will need replacement within a few months’ time; they will cost you more in the long run.

Apart from design, take a look at the quality of material that is being used in manufacturing lawn chairs. In some cases, furniture stores use low-quality materials and offer huge discounts of 30 to 40 percent. Stay away from such fraudulent furniture stores that lure customers by giving heavy discounts on their substandard products.

Select an All-Time Popular Design

When selecting cheap lawn chairs take into consideration their design and color too. Don’t go for chairs whose design is outdated and that look old. Most of the time, furniture stores offer significant discounts on lawn chairs when their design gets outdated.

Be careful of such furniture stores because chair design is quite an important factor and if the design is not good, it will just look drab and dreary instead of giving a new look and life to your lawn seating arrangement.

Before selecting and buying cheap lawn chairs, it is of paramount importance to check the reputation of the furniture store from where you are buying the chairs. Your friends and family members can help you immensely in this regard especially if they have recently purchased cheap lawn chairs. There are numerous fraudulent sites that promise quality products but do not live up to their claim. Buying lawn chairs, as they are purchased in pairs or by 6’s or 12’s is a lifetime investment; thus spend your money wisely and buy a quality product.

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